County Councils   District Councils   Town / Parish Councils
Monitoring Officer for County Members only   Monitoring Officer Ethics & Probity for District & Parish Members    
Education   Housing   Clocks
Most Schools
Special Education
Nursery, Adult, Community
  Management and Maintenance of Council Houses
Working with Housing Associations (known as Registered Social Landlords)
Housing Advice
Renovation Grants
Unfit Housing
Residential care
Personal Social Services        
Securing provision for the Elderly, Children and those with Disabilities (including Social Care and Health and Residential care)
Inspection Services
    Cemeteries and Burials, Crematoria   Cemeteries and Burials,
Closed Churchyards
Planning   Planning   Planning
Strategic Planning / Structure Plans
Minerals and Waste Planning
Historic Buildings
  Local Development Framework
Development control (Planning Applications and Enforcement)
Advertising Consent
Historic Buildings
Conservation Areas
Tree Preservation
  Consultees Only
Highways / Transport   Highways / Transport   Highways / Transport
Public Transport
Highways and Parking
Traffic Management
Footpaths and Bridleways
Transport Planning
Street Lighting
  Unclassified Roads
Off-Street Car Parking
Traffic Management
Footpaths and Bridleways
Road Safety
Local Transport Plans
Street Lighting
Street Naming
  Bus Shelters
War and other memorials
Street Lighting
Emergency Planning   Emergency Planning    
Tourism Development   Tourism Development   Tourism Development
Recreation   Recreation   Recreation
Parks and Open Spaces
Support for the Arts
Archives and Record Office
Museums / Art Galleries
  Parks, Open Spaces and Halls
Swimming Pools and Leisure Centres
Support for the Arts
Museums and Art Galleries
  Public Open Spaces
Village Halls
Playing Fields
Museums and the Arts
Economic Development   Economic Development    
Tourism Development   Tourism Development   Tourism Development
Environmental Services   Environmental Services   Environmental Services
Travellers / Gypsy Sites
  Refuse COLLECTION / Street Cleansing
Management of Travellers / Gypsy Sites
Food Safety
Public Conveniences
Dog and Pest Control
Noise Abatement
Health & Safety
  Litter Bins and Litter Clearance
Trading Standards       Local Charities
Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths       Markets
Library & Information Service        
    Seats   Public Seating
    Licensing   Licensing – Consultees Only
    Allotments   Allotments
    Electoral Registration / Elections    
    Council Tax and Business Rate Collection    
Grants to Voluntary Bodies   Grants to Voluntary Bodies   Grants to Voluntary Bodies
    Help with Lottery Applications    
Community Planning   Community Planning    
    Community Safety (Anti-social behaviour, Alcohol Byelaws)