At the Dayspring Centre, Black Swan Loke, North Walsham commencing at 19:00

    Open to the Press and Members of the Public

1.     Administrative:

a.     To receive declarations of interest and to agree dispensations

b.     To receive apologies for absence

c.     To receive and approve minutes of the meeting of the Town Council held on 28 March 2017

d.     To receive and approve minutes of the emergency meeting of the Town Council held on 11 April 2017

2.     To adjourn the meeting for Public Participation and External Reports:

a.     To permit Members to raise matters relating to police issues

b.     To receive reports from District and County Councillors relating to North Walsham, and to permit Members to raise matters relating to North Walsham

3.     To receive reports from the Town Mayor and Deputy Mayor

4.     Items for decision/discussion by the Town Council:

a.     Town strategy

b.     To consider recommendations from the Development & Amenities Committee:

i.     Quotes for lighting installation at Black Swan Loke

ii.    Sponsored signs at Trackside

iii.   Secure vehicle storage/maintenance compound

iv.    Spa common soil testing quotes

v.     Naming new facilities at Council parks

c. Waste management

5.     Items for information:

a.    Report on meeting with Police estates management team re possible CCTV relocation

b.    Update on proposed car park at Hopkins Homes development

6.     Finance

a.     To receive and approve final payments and receipts for March 2017 and payments to date in April 2017

7.     Reports from Committees and Groups:

a.     Reports from Council Committees

b.     To receive updates from Council representatives to external organisations

8.     Dates of forthcoming meetings and events:

a.     Tuesday 2 May: Media & Information Committee

b.     Thursday 4 May: Markets Group

c.      Friday 12 May: Civic Dinner

d.     Sunday 18 June: Civic Service

e.     Thursday 22 — Sunday 25 June: Funday weekend

f.      Sunday 23 July: Fun Fair arrives at War Memorial Park

g.     Wednesday 26 — Saturday 29 July: Fun Fair

h.     Sunday 1 3 August: 3rd Annual Westover Vets Charity Dog Show

9.      To receive items of correspondence

10.    Items for next agenda

11.    Items requiring a resolution under Section 1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 to exclude members of the press and public due to the        confidential nature of the business to be discussed, including:

a.     Staffing matters




At Dayspring Centre, Black Swan Loke, North Walsham. To commence at 18:30.


1.       To receive Declarations of Interest

2.      To receive Apologies for Absence

3.      To approve Minutes of the Planning Committee Meetings held on 28 March 2017 and 11 April 2017.

4.      To adjourn the meeting for public participation

5.      To consider Planning Applications received, including:




Erection of up to 200 dwellings, open space, supporting infrastructure and other associated works (outline application) — revised submission

MLN (Land and Properties) Ltd, Mr S Rossi, Ms K Beardshaw, Mr N Rossi, Mr J Rossi



Prior notification ofintention to change ofuse of agricultural building to dwelling house with associated operational development. — Mr M Ditch



Erection of single storey rear extension. — Mr A Webb


6.      To receive planning Decision Notices (for information only) :


PF/17/0139 — 31 NEW ROAD — Use land as hand car wash and valeting services including the siting of 2no. containers (Retrospective) — REFUSE

PF/17/0233 — 70 ACORN ROAD — Erection of single storey extension to front elevation. - PERMIT

PF/17/0255 — 9 MANOR ROAD — Erection of single storey bay oak framed cartshed to front of dwelling. - PERMIT

PF/17/0352 - 25 MORRIS ROAD - Erection oftwo storey side extension - PERMIT



NORFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL has made a Temporary Traffic Order affecting the C636 North Walsham Road from 130m west of B1159 Coast road to a point 160m west of B1159 Coast Road in the PARISH OF BACTON because of new electricity supply.


The road will be temporarily closed (except for access) from 8th May  2017 to 12th May 2017 for the duration of the works, expected to be about 5 days within the period. 


Alternative route is via: North Walsham Road, B1159 Coast Road / Paston Road / Bacton Road, Bacton Road, Mundesley Road, Stow Hill, Water Lane, B1145 Knapton Road / Mundesley Road / North Walsham Road / Knapton Road /

The Street / North Walsham By-pass, Lyngate Road, Crow Road, Bacton Road, North Walsham Road, Bacton Road, Pollard Street, North Walsham Road in (Bacton, Paston, Knapton, Mundesley, Swafield, North Walsham).


(If necessary the restriction could run for a maximum period of 18 months from the date of the Order).




Road Closure.jpg


Press Statement on J D Wetherspoons



At its meeting on Tuesday 27 January, North Walsham Town Council set its Council Tax precept for 2015/16 at £189,323 - this includes a government grant of £19,275 and equates to £46.68 per household, an increase of £0.59 or 1.28% over the 2014/15 amount.

This followed discussion of North Norfolk District Council's proposal to sell the Town Council's current New Road base to JD Wetherspoon for around £350,000. The Council was very clear that it was not opposed to JD Wetherspoon coming to the town. There was, however, disappointment at NNDC's stance that the money received would not be made available to create a community hub - in which the Town Council and other local organisations could base themselves - in the town as North Walsham "had already received significant benefit from District Council money". It was argued that NNDC, which is sitting on a £20 million capital reserve, should not be allowed to sell a town asset and then make residents pay for a replacement when it clearly does not need the money from the sale.

The Town Council was also disappointed at NNDC's apparent rush to sell prior to the May election, and to deliver vacant possession to the prospective buyer as soon as possible, when no planning application had been submitted. It had become apparent from legal advice received by the Town Council earlier in the afternoon that NNDC may be acting ultra vires in seeking to sell the New Road site before agreement is reached between the two authorities. Negotiations between the two authorities are set to continue once the Town Council has received further legal advice.

The lack of certainty over the legally-independent planning process, and the early stage and complexity of negotiations with NNDC, meant that the Town Council could not at this time justify a significant increase to its Council Tax Precept for the purchase or long term rental of property it may not need. It was agreed instead that the small increase agreed, together with the Council's reserve fund, should provide sufficient financial cover for any requirements that may arise by the end of 2015, when it is currently expected to vacate the New Road offices.

The North Walsham Council Tax precept, the town's element of the household Council Tax bill issued by NNDC, remains one of the lowest among towns in the district.