At the Dayspring Centre, Black Swan Loke, North Walsham commencing at 19:00

    Open to the Press and Members of the Public

1.     Administrative:

a.     To receive declarations of interest and to agree dispensations

b.     To receive apologies for absence

c.     To receive and approve minutes of the meeting of the Town Council held on 28 March 2017

d.     To receive and approve minutes of the emergency meeting of the Town Council held on 11 April 2017

2.     To adjourn the meeting for Public Participation and External Reports:

a.     To permit Members to raise matters relating to police issues

b.     To receive reports from District and County Councillors relating to North Walsham, and to permit Members to raise matters relating to North Walsham

3.     To receive reports from the Town Mayor and Deputy Mayor

4.     Items for decision/discussion by the Town Council:

a.     Town strategy

b.     To consider recommendations from the Development & Amenities Committee:

i.     Quotes for lighting installation at Black Swan Loke

ii.    Sponsored signs at Trackside

iii.   Secure vehicle storage/maintenance compound

iv.    Spa common soil testing quotes

v.     Naming new facilities at Council parks

c. Waste management

5.     Items for information:

a.    Report on meeting with Police estates management team re possible CCTV relocation

b.    Update on proposed car park at Hopkins Homes development

6.     Finance

a.     To receive and approve final payments and receipts for March 2017 and payments to date in April 2017

7.     Reports from Committees and Groups:

a.     Reports from Council Committees

b.     To receive updates from Council representatives to external organisations

8.     Dates of forthcoming meetings and events:

a.     Tuesday 2 May: Media & Information Committee

b.     Thursday 4 May: Markets Group

c.      Friday 12 May: Civic Dinner

d.     Sunday 18 June: Civic Service

e.     Thursday 22 — Sunday 25 June: Funday weekend

f.      Sunday 23 July: Fun Fair arrives at War Memorial Park

g.     Wednesday 26 — Saturday 29 July: Fun Fair

h.     Sunday 1 3 August: 3rd Annual Westover Vets Charity Dog Show

9.      To receive items of correspondence

10.    Items for next agenda

11.    Items requiring a resolution under Section 1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 to exclude members of the press and public due to the        confidential nature of the business to be discussed, including:

a.     Staffing matters