Complaints Form can he found HERE

  1. If a complaint about the Town Council is notified orally to a Councillor or the Town Clerk this must be recorded regardless of whether or not they can resolve the issue without further action being required. If the complaint cannot be resolved immediately and requires further action then the complainant must be asked to put the complaint in writing to the Town Clerk, Mayor or Chair of Personnel either via the online form or on the printed form that can be provided on request.
  2. Any written or online submitted complaint will be acknowledged within 7 working days either via e-mail or written enclosing or attaching a copy of the Code of Practice, which outlines the process for dealing with the complaint.
  3. On receipt of an unresolved complaint the Town Clerk, Mayor or Chair of Personnel will try to settle the complaint directly with the complainant but shall not do so in respect of a complaint about the behaviour of the Town Clerk or a councillor or Council staff without first notifying the person complained of and giving them an opportunity for comment on the matter in which it is intended to settle the complaint. If successful the registered complaint will be updated with the actions taken and outcome.
  4. Complaints lodged about Council staff should be dealt with by the Town Clerk/Mayor and only passed to the Council if the complainant remains dissatisfied, complaints regarding the Town Clerk shall in all instances be notified directly to the Mayor and Chair of Personnel
  5. All complaints regardless of the outcome or severity shall be reported at the next meeting of the Town Council. In the event that a complaint remains unresolved the party dealing with the complaint (Town Clerk Town Mayor or Chair of Personnel as appropriate). If necessary, the Town Council will appoint a Complaints Panel to fully investigate the complaint and shall notify the complainant of the date by which the complaint will be considered and resolved, ideally a maximum of 6 weeks. If for any reason that date becomes unachievable, a letter and explanation for this will be sent to the complainant with a revised date.
  6. In the event that a Complaints Panel is convened it should investigate all the evidence surrounding the complaint in accordance with the Guidance Notes. Where a complaint is considered about a person, this will be dealt with in the absence of the press and public but any decision on a complaint shall be announced at the Council meeting being held in public.
  7. Complaints – Code of Conduct
    When a complaint is made relating to the Members’ Code of Conduct it should be sent to the Town Clerk in the first instance. If the complaint cannot be settled then the complaint should be sent to the Monitoring Officer at North Norfolk District Council.
  8. As soon as may be after the decision has been made, it and the nature of any action to be taken shall be communicated in writing to the complainant.
  9. The Council shall defer investigating any written complaint only if it is of the opinion that issues of law or practice arise on which legal advice is necessary. The complaint shall be considered at the next appropriate meeting after the advice has been received.
  10. Complaints Incident Book
    A complaints incident book or spreadsheet will be kept in the Council Offices. Staff involved in an incident or disagreement whether giving rise to complaint or not with a member of the public or councillor must enter the details of it in this book within twenty-four hours of the incident taking place. An incident is where anyone considers that they have been treated disrespectfully or threatened.

All complaints received in writing or online will be entered in this book and the action taken recorded and signed by the person who dealt with the complaint.