North Walsham has two areas for allocated for burials, the Chapel Cemetery situated on Mundesley Road and the Garden of Remembrance situated on Bacton Road.

The gates are open between Dawn and Dusk daily.

Application for burial can be made through local undertakers, within North Walsham we have two, but we do not ask that you use them exclusively:

Murrell Cork –  57a Mundesley Road, North Walsham, NR28 0DB
Tel: 01692 402059

Jackson & Starling – Marshall House, Midland Road, North Walsham, Norfolk, NR28 9JR
Tel: 01692 402 603


  1. Memorials

1.1       Notice is to be given on any weekday (except Saturdays) between the hours of 9.30 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. at the Town Clerk’s office, 18 Kings Arms Street, North Walsham, at least three clear days previous to any interment in an earthen grave, and four clear days notice if a vault or brick grave is required.   In each case Saturdays and Sundays are excluded in reckoning the length of notice.

This rule will not apply to any religion that requires immediate burial or, in the case of death from epidemic or endemic disease upon medical certification.

1.2       Interments may take place at the Cemetery upon payment of the set fees on Mondays to Fridays between 10.00 a.m. and *3.30 p.m.   *During the winter months this time will alter subject to daylight.  At other times with special permission.  Double fees are payable for Saturday interments.  The time fixed for the funeral must be that at which the procession is at the Cemetery.  No interment will take place after 12 noon Saturday or on Sundays, Good Friday, Christmas Day, or bank holidays, except on the certificate of a Coroner or Registered Medical Practitioner that immediate interment is necessary.

1.3       All notices must be given, and fees and charges paid to the Town Clerk before the grave is dug or before the memorial/headstone is erected.


1.4       All graves are to be dug and excavated by the person appointed by the Town Council or under its supervision and, except in the case of children’s graves and graves for the reception of cremated remains, are to be dug at least 6 feet deep.  The brickwork of every brick grave must be carried up to within twelve inches of the surface and may be executed by any person appointed by the purchaser, subject to the Regulations of the Council.  The surplus soil must be removed from the ground at the expense of the purchaser.

1.5       In all cases the selection of grave spaces will be subject to the regulations of the Council and at the discretion of the Council.

1.6       Cremated remains may be interred:-

1.6.i                 In a plot 2’ x 2’ in the space set aside for the purpose and two interments will be permitted.

1.6.ii                In a plot 3’ x 3’ in the space set aside for the purpose and up to six interments will be permitted.

1.6.iii               In a grave in which burials have already taken place and where exclusive rights of burial have been granted.

1.6.iv               All caskets shall be made of wood.

1.7       The certificate for the disposal of a body, or in the case of an inquest, the Coroners Order for Burial, must be produced before interment.  For the burial of a still-born child an appropriate certificate issued by the Registrar of Births and Deaths or the Coroner will be required.

1.8       No brick grave or vault may be constructed, or a monument, including a headstone, tablet, inscribed vase or gravestone of any description shall be erected or placed on a grave or plot, unless the exclusive right of burial for 50 years has been purchased.   The plot letter and grave number shall be inscribed thereon.

1.9       No bodies shall be buried in any vault or walled grave unless the coffin be separately entombed in an airtight manner; that is, by properly cemented stone or brickwork, which shall never be disturbed.

1.10     Wooden markers will be removed after six months.

1.11     All grave decoration MUST be approved by the Town Council prior to installation and may be subject to careful removal and storage if necessary such as in cases where artefacts may be damaged by digging of nearby graves or general Cemetery maintenance.

1.12     Any non-approved decoration will be removed by the Town Council and held safely for collection.

1.13     The Town Council retains authority to remove grave decoration with immediate effect if it is felt to be detrimental to the look of the Cemetery, where it is deemed hazardous or where it causes obstruction including to maintenance. Notice will be given of removal to the owner of the relevant Grave Rights.

  1. Monuments

2.13     All foundations of monuments, the removal of or refixing of same, and other work connected therewith must be done under the superintendence of the Clerk of the Council.  Any person undertaking such work must use such means as the Clerk of the Council shall direct for the protection of the grass and the walks during the progress of the work.  Such persons shall, upon completion of the work, clear away any materials not used, or any other rubbish deposited on the site of the works to the satisfaction of the Clerk of the Council, and shall be responsible for any damage done in carrying out and completing any of the above works.

2.14     All monuments (including wooden crosses) and inscriptions are to be subject to the approval of the Council and a drawing in duplicate, showing the form and dimensions of every monument to be erected and the inscription or additional inscription to be placed on a monument, must be submitted to the Town Clerk for approval.   All fees must be paid in advance.

2.15     Only headstones not exceeding 2’6 height will be allowed.    Written permission of the Council must be obtained for headstones exceeding this height.  Dowling pins on memorials should be stainless steel and not copper and ground anchors must be fitted.  Book memorials must be pinned to the supports.  Wooden crosses should be 2½” wide by 1”-2” thick and no more than 2’6” high and secured in the ground by a mettapost, with any void to be filled in.

2.16     All monuments shall, after erection, be kept in good repair by the owner and unless this is done the Council reserves the right to cause them to be repaired or removed at the owner’s expense.  If any monument is erected in violation of the Regulations of the Council, the same may at any time be removed by the Council without notice    The Council reserves the right to lay down any memorial found to be unsafe..

2.17     Approved monuments must be placed at the head of the grave to facilitate ground maintenance and no kerb or other form of enclosure of the grave (including digging out of gullies) will be permitted.   Up to two flower containers may be incorporated at the foot of the headstone or in the corner of the tablet marking the burial of ashes.  No additional vases or containers will be permitted on graves.  The letter/number of the grave space, corresponding with the register must be placed on the headstone/tablet.

2.18     Extra flowers will be permitted at anniversary dates, but must be removed no later than one month after that date.  No glass vases allowed for safety reasons.

2.19     No shrubs, plants or flowers may be planted within the Cemetery or on any grave therein nor may any shrubs, plants or flowers be cut or carried away without consent.   The Council reserves the right to cut down or dig up and remove any shrub, plant or flower planted without authorisation.

2.20     No grave mounds will be permitted.

2.21     The Town Council shall not be held responsible for any theft or damage.

  1. Additional Regulations relating to Children’s Area

3.1       Soft toys should be kept at the head of the grave space, until such time as a memorial is erected, and then placed on the base of the stone, at the parents own risk.

3.2      Only two vases allowed per grave space, provided they are incorporated within or on the memorial base

3.3       Extra flowers will be permitted at anniversary dates, but must be removed no later than one month after that date.

3.4       Approved headstones not exceeding 2’6” height will be allowed.   Dowling pins on memorials should be stainless steel and not copper.    Book memorials must be pinned to the supports.

3.5       Memorials may contain a photograph of the child or an engraving of the child’s favourite toy/character

  1. Additional Cemetery Regulations

4.1       The Cemeteries will be open to the public from 8.00 a.m. until 8pm daily. The Council may temporarily close the Cemeteries at any time should it consider it necessary for special reasons connected with the maintenance or good keeping of the Cemeteries.

4.2       Children under twelve years will not be admitted, except under the care of a responsible person.

4.3       Visitors will be expected to observe proper decorum at all times and refrain from plucking flowers or damaging the shrubs.

4.4       Every person who shall wilfully destroy or injure any building, wall, fence or seat belonging to the Cemetery, or destroy or injure any tree or plant therein, or who shall daub or disfigure any wall thereof, or put up any bill therein or on any wall thereof, or wilfully destroy, injure or deface any monument, tablet, inscription or grave stone within the Cemetery, or do any other wilful damage therein shall be liable for prosecution.

4.5       Every person who shall play at any game or sport, or discharge firearms, save at a military funeral, in the Cemetery or who shall wilfully and unlawfully disturb any person assembled in the Cemetery for the purpose of burying a body therein, or who shall commit any nuisance within the Cemetery, shall be liable for prosecution.

4.6       The consumption of alcohol within the Cemetery is strictly prohibited.

4.7       Dogs are permitted but must be on a lead and fully under control at all times.

4.8       The riding of bicycles across the grassed areas of the Cemetery is strictly forbidden.

4.9       No person shall be allowed to offer goods for sale or to solicit orders for the sale of any goods within the Cemetery.  Offenders will be liable to expulsion.

4.10     A Register of Burials, both in the Consecrated and Un-consecrated portions of the ground, is kept at the Town Clerk’s Office and searches may be made and Certificates obtained, by appointment,  between 9.30 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

4.11     A plan of the Cemeteries, showing the situation of the graves and interments is kept at the Town Clerk’s Office and may be seen, by appointment, between 9.30 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. Monday to Friday.


The Council reserves the right from time to time to make alterations or additions to the foregoing Rules and Regulations consistent with the Burial Acts.  The Regulations of Her Majesty’s Secretary of State, under the Burial Acts, and applicable to the Cemetery must be considered as incorporated herewith.

Further information may be obtained at the Town Clerk’s Office situated at Kings Arms Street, North Walsham.

Last updates September 2017